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​Creating a custom material handling solution is simple when you have innovative options, flexible conveyor assembly and a customer-focused mindset.  RFID Library Solutions believes we have put together an original materials handling concept that is compatible with your existing RFID technology, effective in meeting  labor planning, and unique by offering  material processing options that allow libraries the ability to input multiple items simultaneously.  Our solutions are designed to deliver immediate return on investment as well as handle circulation volumes both today and into the future.

Custom Floor Plans

In order to create a custom AMH solution, design engineers use a 3D software program to construct a virtual system.  In many cases,  multiple options are drawn from which the library can select to maximize the usable floor space, stay within a budget or simply increase staff productivity. 


Each AMH system is thoughtfully laid out based upon the workroom's usable space as well as staff input.  It's important that the library knows what to expect in terms of functionality, management responsibility and fit within the given room. 

 High Quality Materials 


Flexible Layouts

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