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Bin Induction

Return Bin Induction offers libraries an economical and unique option to automatically process patron returns from external drop boxes or remote book drops.  Specialized bins capable of collecting hundreds of items are emptied onto in-feed conveyors for immediate check-in, separation, singulation and sorting.  The optional module dramatically reduces the labor required and time needed to circulate thousands of items per day.


Ask staff which they would rather do... ”Manually induct one item at a time, or hundreds with the push of a button?”

Bin induction 12_edited.png

Safety Cage
48” H x 36” W x 30” D

Standard return Bin
34” H x 29” W x 29” D

Module Includes

  • Safety Cage & Tilting Device

  • Push-button control pendant w/ E-stop

  • SilentAir™ compressor - low pressure, NO noise

  • Adjustable induction rate & timing

  • Return/Induction bins sold separately

  • Bin sizes customizable to return location

  • Module can be added at a future date

Custom Return Bins

  • Book return dimension required for manufacturing

  • Photos helpful


  • Multiple item induction

  • Repetitive chore eliminated

  • RFID check-in

  • Labor shift to customer service

Power Specifications

  • 1⁄2 Hp, 6 gal SilentAir™  compressor used to raise bin floor

  • 110VAC, power supplied by system

  • Proximity sensors control module movements

  • Push button controls

*All RFID Library Solution AMH systems are UL – Certified and custom designed to meet the unique circulation conditions at each library facility.

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