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Library Material Handling

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From the beginning, our philosophy has always been to approach material handling and inventory management with a nontraditional point of view. As a result, we have incorporated technology that is proven while at the same time embraces new methodologies that truly improve upon what libraries can do with RFID to direct material circulation.


To help you understand how our AMH systems could impact your library; the following pages should give food for thought. For instance, at a library in Wisconsin we were able to decrease re-shelving times from one week to the same day or next morning. Another library in Iowa was able to re-allocate 5 backroom staff personnel from check-in/sorting duties to  more customer orientated assignments. The development of our tote and return bin induction modules has allowed other libraries to dramatically reduce staff’s exposure to repetitive stress injuries. Another essential design element is maintaining the patron’s ability to deposit multiple items at once. A final point worth mentioning is the fact that most installations do not require the library to remodel their workspace or change book drops. Conveyors are designed to install directly under existing returns.


We take a consultative approach to system design so that the final product addresses your particular circulation practices and staff’s desired productivity improvements. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every aspect of system delivery. From initial design discussion all the way through installation and system hand-off, we will guarantee your complete satisfaction with all products and services.

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