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Tote Induction

Tote Induction is another innovative as well as automatic process for libraries to empty full transportation totes onto our material handling systems.  Once a tote is positioned on the tilting pan and secured in place, a simple press of a button initiates the module.  The total induction cycle takes roughly 5 minutes to gradually tip out 25 – 30 items for immediate check-in by multiple RFID antenna pads located in the conveyor.


A mobile, battery powered lift truck allows staff to not only transport stacked totes back to the workroom, but also eliminates the need to repeatedly bend over to place a tote onto the pan for induction.

tote induction 3_edited.png

Module Includes

  • Lift Stick w/ carrying capacity of 300lbs (Approx. 3-4 totes)

  • Custom forks are manufactured to grasp totes securely

  • Black base mounted to floor for stability

  • Tilting pan w/ bungee straps Push-button control pendant w/ E-stop

  • Induction rate & timing adjusted using module icon


  • Tilting pan can be sized to hold libraries existing transport totes

  • Lift Truck eliminates heavy lifting by staff - load one tote at a time onto tilting pan or transport several totes to another room

  • Do away with the repetitive task of unloading totes & manually processing items one-at-a-time.

  • RFID check-in

Power Specifications

  • 110VAC, power supplied by system

  • Linear actuator tilts pan

  • Lift truck battery re-charges using standard wall electric outlet

*All RFID Library Solution AMH systems are UL – Certified & custom designed to meet the unique circulation conditions at each library facility.

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