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Material Bins

Since no two libraries circulate material using the same routine or have similar facility layouts, RFID Library Solutions offers three (3) different material handling bins.

  • The Sorter Bin functions as a container for items diverted off the ARB sort conveyor. It is the economical choice if material is to be organized directly onto book trucks for re-shelving by staff.

  • The Induction Bin on the other hand is significantly shorter and is positioned under book deposits to collect volumes of patron returns. Once full, they are wheeled to an induction module for automatic input onto a conveyor and subsequent check-in by the AMH system. Custom sizes are available; for instance, built to fit into an outdoor drop box, under a circulation desk, etc.

  • The Sorter/ Induction Bin is a hybrid of both bin types. Their use is primarily for large system libraries in which volumes of material is transported or exchanged between multiple branches. Eliminating several staff touches is the real benefit of the Sorter/Induction bin. Material sorted into a bin is transported to the receiving branch for push button induction onto the branch’s AMH system for ILS updating and sorting.

*For those libraries that utilize totes to move material between branches, we do have battery powered lift trucks and other tote handling solutions.

Sorter Bin

Sorter Bin_edited.png
  • 42" H x 20" W x 20" D

  • Capacity: 150 Books & DVD's

Induction Bin

Induction Bin

Induction Bin_edited.png
Sorter or Induction Bin_edited.png
  • 42" H x 22" W x 20" D

  • Capacity: 250 Books & DVD's

  • 42" H x 22" W x 26" D

  • Capacity: 250 Books & DVD's


  • 4" Lockable swivel casters

  • Extruded aluminum & black plastic construction

  • Access door for more ergonomic material removal

  • Weatherproof options for transport between branches

Power Profile

  • Induction bins are non-electric, using very low pressure and a silent air compressor to raise/ lower bin floors

  • Sorter bins use elastic bands of varying strength to raise/lower floor as material is removed or input

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