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AMH Software Interface

The RFID Library Solutions AMH user interface has been designed to provide several essential capabilities

  • Check-in returned items effectively and confirm it in multiple locations on the system.

  • Modify the sorting parameters used by the system easily and quickly.

  • Communicate with the libraries ILS via the SIP protocol.

  • Maintain a system event log via dedicated database, providing system usage data:

    • Item events: Library items trigger database events whenever they pass RFID antenna, effectively mapping the path of the item through the system.

    • System events: System messaging, such as SIP communications are logged as they occur, providing valuable usage information

  • Monitor system status via PC based graphical user interface that is  fully customizable:

    • Current number of items in each sort location

    • Status of system sensors and conveyors

AMH Staff Work Station

  • Receipt printer

  • RFID antenna pad

  • Backup power supply

  • The staff station includes

  • 27" LCD monitor

  • Compact mini-PC

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

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